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Standard Software Application Testing (SSAT)

SSAT involves a thorough process of testing your software application for both functions and User Experience (UX) that will assure our customers of the software quality. We integrate ourselves into your current communication and management systems such as JIRA™ or ClickUp™ to provide prompt and seamless bug reporting and updates. The final deliverable is a User Acceptance Test (UAT) documentation that we will work towards a customer sign off. 

Quality Assurance Tools and Technology

We use leading tools and technology to provide you assurance, accountability and result. Depending on your project, we will choose the tech stack that will best do its job.

Manual Testing

During manual testing, our quality assurance team checks the performance of your product on various devices, as well as analyzes its user interface and usability. Manual testing helps to identify vulnerabilities that can’t be detected automatically and provides personal feedback about the look and feel of your product.

Manual testing benefits for your project
  • Allows you to detect issues around usability or user interface (which can’t be identified by automated tests).

  • Enable actionable testing outcomes for every newly developed  still unstable software

  • Add a human touch to the testing process and help you to understand the overall user experience on an emotional level.

  • Help with finding bottlenecks during the initial development stage.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a long-term investment in the success of your product. It covers all possible scenarios of software functionality and then checks its performance on multiple platforms in parallel. By combining both manual and automated testing, you accelerate your time to market and satisfy your customers with a flawless product.

Automated testing benefits for your project


  • Perfectly performs repetitive and time-consuming tasks while saving you time and resources.

  • Eliminates human error and makes the software testing process easier and more reliable.

  • Helps engineers run the tests anytime and anywhere, and easily log test results.

Deliver Quality Product Experiences

Functionality Testing

We ensure application functions and end user requirements are on the same page. Our functional testing services will help ensure that the application functionalities are compliant with project specifications or end user requirements.

Interface Testing

Our certified software testing and quality assurance engineers review the existing user interface to suggest updates around improving software usability and user experiences.

Account Servicing

We recognise the need to communicate regularly and assuredly. We will allocate efforts to attend huddles to provide updates on the progress.

Usability Testing

We analyze the performance of your application in different environments, as well as check on its scalability and stability under different user loads.

Performance Testing

Rely on our performance testing services, to figure out if your applications will perform with grace or crash – when workload is at its peak or when all its resources are stretched to its limit.

Compatibility Testing

Your users use a plethora of hardware and software. Will your applications run on all of them? Our compatibility testing services will help answer that pressing question.

Reporting and Situational Management

We recognise the importance of accountability and progress. Therefore, we will use collaborative tools that you will have access to monitor and track the progress of our testing work and resolution process.

Other Additional Services

These are additional services to add on to deliver a more comprehensive and advanced suite of testing for your software.

Automated Testing

Our software testing and quality assurance can help you configure and maintain an automated testing framework for your application.

Code Review

We provide software architecture consulting to eliminate bottlenecks and enable system scalability. We choose tools and platforms that are the most suitable for your purposes. As a result, your IT spending drops and your revenue rises.

Load Testing

We has a large infrastructure and skilled engineers ideal for website, application and network load, performance and scalability testing of your product.

User Experience (UX) Audit

Get a 360-degree heuristic evaluation of your product’s user experience. This will give you a clear plan to improve your user flow, align your design with common patterns, eliminate misleading UX solutions and extra elements, and fix usability problems.



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